Breezer Aircraft – Passion manufactured in Germany

Hegra Rail HTT030

Rollon telescoping rails for the stringent requirements of high-performance aircraft

Breezer Aircraft GmbH & Co. KG of Bredstedt in Germany’s North Friesland region builds high-quality custom ultralight and light sport aircraft with high-precision engineering. Light sport aircraft, or LSA, refers to single-engine lightweight planes with one or two seats. For the “Breezer” Rollon supplies custom Hegra Rail telescoping rails, on which the pilot must be able to depend one hundred percent.

Light sport aircraft first originated in the USA in the early 2000s. The maximum take-off weight of an LSA is 600 kg and the maximum permissible speed at maximum engine performance is 222 km/h. The aircraft are equipped with a reciprocating engine and a fixed landing gear, and there is no pressurised cabin. The small “Breezer” sport planes are built by a 20-person team of aircraft enthusiasts at Breezer Aircraft with the goal of offering versatile light aircraft that feature comfort, maximum safety, good workmanship and a strong design. Many of the engineers, mechanics and technicians are themselves sport aviation enthusiasts and members of flying clubs who created the Breezer as a general purpose aircraft with good flying properties that can land at smaller airstrips with short runways and that can take off quickly and safely. With its balanced centre of gravity, stable flight properties at every tank fill level and a speed of about 185 km/h – the maximum speed is 210 km/h – it has found many friends around the world as a light sport cruiser.

Absolutely reliable telescoping rails
The special thing about the “Breezer” is its design. It demonstrates the transfer of traditional metal construction to the LSA class. The “Breezer” combines CNC-machined, riveted and bolted sheets of certified aviation aluminium to create an elegant and harmonious outer shell. The transparent Plexiglas canopy of the 1.16 m wide cockpit is an especially important component of the construction. It must remain securely in position at all times and open quickly for entering and exiting the aircraft, also in the event of an emergency. That is why Breezer Aircraft uses maintenance-free telescoping rails from the Rollon Group for guiding and mounting the moving parts of the Plexiglas canopy. Ralf Magnussen, development engineer at Breezer Aircraft GmbH & Co. KG, decided to use a Rollon system due to the low weight and high stability. The canopy is fully opened only for entering and exiting the aircraft, which subjects the two telescoping rails on the right and left of the cockpit to the full load. While flying, the canopy is closed and is locked at the top centre. In closed state the system is hardly under any load whatsoever.

Lightweight and sturdy for aircraft construction
The HTT telescoping rail from the Hegra Rail product family is a partial extension with a stroke of more than 60 percent of the closed telescoping length. It consists of a guide rail and a sliding rail, which is guided by a ball cage. Breezer Aircraft uses the smallest size 30 with a width of 15 mm and a height of 30 mm. In addition to the lightweight aluminium alloy, holes in the guide rail and in the slider minimize the weight to the greatest extent possible. The Rollon engineers calculated the holes precisely so as not to affect the load rating and stability of the telescoping rails. To allow a flush fit with the CFRP canopy frame the 890 mm long HTT030 telescoping rail is bevelled at the extended end.

Custom designed linear technology from Rollon
Rollon uses a custom design for all components: The company specializes in both small and large modifications of its telescoping rails for specific customer projects. Besides weight and stability, other important factors are durability, comfort and ergonomics. Hegra rail telescoping rails are an outstanding solution for the aviation industry. They feature low weight and smooth running properties, they are cost effective and are designed for excellent self-alignment. Rollon offers numerous customizable telescoping rails for aviation and especially for aircraft interiors.

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